Rating Tasmania As A Holiday Destination
                                            2009 By John Boom

After making all of these pictorials from the 14th February of to 14th of March 2009 we’re going to rate
Tasmania as a tourism destination and as an overall experience. We arrived in Tasmania on the Spirit Of
Tasmania with a vehicle and caravan in tow so we could travel freely around the state making pictorials as we

Arriving at Devonport we stayed there for our first week so we could use that as a base camp for traveling
around this section of Tasmania. We found this really worked out well because from there we could make our
way to enough towns within day trip status and at the same time have enough time to take in the sights,
attractions and make pictorials at the same time.

On this trip we’ve basically covered nearly all areas of Tasmania along the main roads, and some in between
roads as well as best we could within our time limits. Taking some 9.000 photos along the way we feel we
experienced Tasmania in the best possible way going through towns searching for interesting things to show
others within all these pictorials.

The idea of making pictorials is to provide a rich source of ideas, show historic buildings and sites and provide
a present day snapshot for all to see. Building uses change constantly and historic heritage buildings
disappear and also change along the way. So we try to preserve a view for all to see.

We provide our opinions as would be experienced by other travellers and like them or not they are as we see
and experience them. We try and provide an honest opinion and to provide ideas for tourism operators and
councils alike so they can improve overall services for tourism and also improve their attitude toward
preserving heritage buildings and sites around Australia.

We also have a strong belief in providing a fairer cost system for visiting tourism sites and attractions around
Australia. If we keep going the way we are affordable travelling will be taken away from many ordinary people
leaving and losing the opportunity for many to experience what Australia has to offer. Unfortunately various
government departments and tourism operators alike are leading the way in making tourism less affordable for
many Australians.

Costs of over development, excessive bureaucracy, greed, over protection and the cost of paying the price of
unnecessary overheads is all leading to a loss of life quality that cant be good for many people. Seeing what
Australia has to offer should always remain an affordable option for all Australians and overseas tourists alike.
Taking this option away from everyday people because of greed and over price regulating is not a step toward
a better future.

How we split our main trip focus was initially:

1 Week in Devonport.
1 week at Launceston.
9 Days at Hobart.
And allow 5 days to get from Hobart via Queenstown to Devonport.
And the option to extend our holiday time and stay longer if we needed to.

Overall we had a great time and Tasmania really does have a lot to offer in the form of a total holiday

Towns we found most interesting you can rate yourself by the content we photographed. Everyone has
different interests and to us some towns were more special than others.
Just some towns that stood out to us were:

Launceston, Hobart, Latrobe, Sheffield, Stanley, Mole Creek area, and there were many others as well.

The weather was basically fine through most of our stay and we could wear shorts most of the time. On the
way back from Hobart via Queenstown back to Devonport we found the weather turned quiet colder in this part
of Tasmania with a few light showers along the way. Long pants and jumpers were needed there.

There are many interesting attractions in Tasmania and you can basically travel each day using a different day
trip location each day taking in the sights and attractions along the way. There are beautiful rivers and coastal
areas, bush and hiking options, mining towns, various wildlife parks, markets, antique stores, various factory
tasting areas, wineries, boating options, surfing, visiting towns for shopping and looking through historic towns
and sites. The list really is extensive and the best thing is that most of its all fairly close together. Within a
couple of hours drive you can see heaps of things of interest.

On our return leg of our tour and pictorial making we came unstuck with accommodation as we found there
were few vacancies in the larger towns where we wanted to stay which is explained in detail in those town
pictorials. Queenstown and Strahan were booked out.
We stayed overnight on a roadside at Strahan because no caravan parks were available. And we stayed a
night in the Rosebery caravan park and then made our way back to Devonport.

Rating Caravan Parks

This is just our opinion but like most main land caravan parks we find the charging rates too high for just over
night stays. Some parks offer 7 days for a 6 days rate which I find is a more fair system of charging. Most
charge around $29.00 per night for two people and I’d have to say I haven’t stayed in a caravan park
anywhere in Australia that I think is worth more than $22.00 per night. But that’s just my opinion. We only want
a little power and good clean toilet facilities.

The same goes for main land caravan park owners please try using your own facilities on a regular basis and
rate them yourself and use this checklist for things like:

•        Make sure there are door mats to the entrance of your facilities.
•        Are there enough hooks in your shower area to hang clothes and a towel?
•        Is there a dry area shelf to place your shower things in the actual shower area?
•        Is there enough bench space where your hand basins are?
•        Is the hot water temperature regulated as per state laws? (Many still are not!)
•        Does the hot water go from hot to cold and then to burning hot?
•        Do you have proper mixing taps in your hand basins? Many still don’t!
•        Do all the door catches work?
•        Are the tap handles tight and working properly?
•        Nearly every caravan park we go to has leaking taps in wash rooms and around caravans.
•        Do you have those smelly things in the urinals?
•        Are your showers and toilets cleaned really well including walls? (Not many are!)
•        Is there a good supply of toilet paper and do you check your facilities during the day?
•        Many facilities still need a top up clean during the day as well do you do this?
•        Do you have or need shower curtains in your facilities to separate the dry area?
•        Does your shower block have proper ventilation?
•        Are all the lights working properly?
•        Are there mirrors where needed above hand basin areas?
•        Are you using water saving shower heads? (Very few caravan parks are!)
•        Do your facilities need painting or an update? (Most do!)
•        Are your office hours clearly marked at your office and are you there on time?
•        Do you have clear directions for late arrivals?
•        Do you have a good supply of tourism brochures for your area including local maps?
•        Do you sell some basic supplies if you’re out of a shops walking distance?
•        Have a suggestion box with pen and paper.

Tips For Tourism Operators And Town Councils

•        Make sure you have enough special free parking areas to cater just for caravans, buses and camper
travelers within walking distance of your town or attraction.
•        Make sure your public toilets are well serviced.
•        If you charge entry fees are they affordable and value for money? Many aren’t.
•        Is your tourism area tidy with mowed grass and proper paths and facilities?
•        Is your town a tidy town?
•        Have heritage buildings in your town been painted or made presentable?
•        Take steps to make your attractions more presentable.
•        If you have boating rivers or lakes near your town is there a proper boat ramp with parking facilities?
•        Make sure there are enough caravan parks in your town to cater for tourism numbers in your area.
•        Make sure caravan parks are large enough in total area to cater for large and small caravans so they
can easily drive into their campsite. Many are much too small and it’s difficult to maneuver into spots even with
small caravans.
•        If you want tourists to stay longer and spend more money in your area provide free parking for them with
extended times especially for caravans and camper parking areas.
•        If you have a tourism business like say an antique store is your store open on weekends including
Sundays? Tourists travel everyday of the week and they can’t buy from you if you’re closed. Many tourists are
on holiday time schedules and can’t always stay extra days and wait for you to open. I’ve encountered many
stores closed on Sundays and Thursdays that I most likely would have bought things from but simply couldn’t
spend more time there waiting for them to open. We were very disappointed with many towns that had traders
like this.
•        Are your business hours clearly displayed?
•        Have a suggestion box with pen and paper supplied at all your attractions.