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Choose a disk number from 1 to 34
Choose a disk number from 1 to 34
Pictorial Jigsaw Puzzles
                        Copyright 2009 By John Boom

Pictorial jigsaw puzzles can be done on your computer just like regular
puzzles except you can't loose the pieces. You can move the pieces into
place with your computer mouse.
Each puzzle set comes in a folder of 50 puzzles for you to make in various
degrees of difficulty. They all cost the same low price of only $19.95 which
includes shipping worldwide. Every series of 50 puzzles is different so
when you buy a series just specify a series number with your purchase or
otherwise we select a random series number for you.
       Fun for the whole family!

There are currently 34 different disks with 50 puzzles on each. When you
pay please specify a series number from 1 to 34 with your payment or
otherwise one will be chosen for you. Disks and not returnable. All mixed
puzzles may have from 49 to 225 pieces.
You can save the progress of your puzzle at any time.
These puzzles contain photos from all around the world. Prices are in
Australian Dollars.
You get 50 Jigsaw Puzzles on every disk!
34 different disks to choose from!
Great gifts for the whole family!
All proceeds from the sale of these disks go back into keeping this non-profit site going so it's also for a
very worthwhile cause. Please help and support Australian Pictorials.

Only $19.95 (Australian) each & includes postage worldwide!