Port Arthur Pictorial
                       2009 By John Boom

The Port Arthur Penal Station was established in 1830 and closed down in
1877.  Today little is left compared to what originally stood. Looking at the
models provided it was indeed a grand and well populated area at the time
but also a misery for those that were locked up there for the many crimes of
the day.

From petty crimes to more serious crimes many had to serve their time or
die there. Looking at the size of the cells it must have been a pretty harsh
place considering the Tasmanian colder climate let alone the living
conditions of the day. After closure many buildings were destroyed by fire
and many sold off for other use and the site soon became a tourism icon in
the state of Tasmania.
Models of what
once stood.
The gutted reinforced shell is all that
remains of many of the buildings.
The rectangular cell areas can still be seen.
The trappings of the better life never experienced by the prisoners.
An exercise yard.
Unlike the penal guests held here many years ago todays guests
are well catered for and are free to go at the end of their visit.
Port Arthur Town