Australian People
                                  2009 By John Boom

The face of Australian people is that of a multicultural mix from all nationalities.
Australia's history going back to first settlement is that of this cultural mix that
makes Australia what it is today.

Australia's first inhabitants were the Aborigines and over the years many
suffered a history of intolerance and injustice similar to that of other countries
that were taken over by other cultures of immigration and settlement.

Australians are indeed a tolerant race of people due to most likely this growing
mix of culture and diversity. In this pictorial I've put some faces to the crowd
and hope to reveal a little insight into Australia as you would see it today.  
The face of the Author - John Boom also known as Johnny B the singer / songwriter.   Also shown with a couple of his early photos. I loved that car.
Born 1954 in Sneek, Holland he came to Australia in 1955 as part of a immigrant family.
All Australians have a family immigration heritage history.
Faces In Australia
The Sapphire
The Opal Miner
Opal & Gold
Sport event crowd
at the beach