Mount Browne Goldfield Photos
Milparinka Historic Township Photos
Old Well
Area Photos
Ruins dot the area
Turn right at this monument to
go to the Mt Browne goldfields.
Mount Browne Goldfields
and Historic Milparinka
                                 2008 - By John Boom

Mount Browne Goldfields is located about 18 kms from the historic township of
Milparinka. We made a visit to the area and took some photos to give you an
idea of what it’s like. The actual road trip from Broken Hill is about 287 kms long
and is a pretty rough road with small sections of sealed road in between.

Once you reach Milparinka you’ll notice most of the original old miner’s buildings
are gone with only piles of sandstones left where homes and businesses once
stood. Signage to the Mount Browne Goldfields isn’t good so here are some
directions to help you out.

Turn right at the black sculpture monument and go through the gate and close it
after you as you should do with all gates you find this way.
Drive down the dirt road a few kilometers till you get to the large white gates
section and then turn hard right before the white gate and go towards the Mt
Browne Woolshed & Goldfields keeping left to the main track all the way.

It’s around 18 kms in total. When you get to the end of the track you’ll see the old
woolsheds and lots of old buildings and ruins. Please don’t take things from the
historic site and leave everything as you found it so you don’t spoil things for

There are no facilities on the goldfields so you’ll need to bring your own. Or you
can stay at the Milparinka historic Albert Hotel. If you look around the woolshed
area you’ll notice the diggings are spread far and wide. There's also a camping
area at Milparinka. (No power.)

There are alluvial metal detecting options around the gully and field areas
everywhere. Reef mining and scrape mining over rising gold outcrops took place
in the surrounding hills. To get to the hills area there’s a track and you’ll need to
go back a short distance till you see the old bulldozers and mining equipment on
the left and follow that track around toward the hills. There are still some open
mines in this area so be extra careful.  

Overall I think this area has huge potential for metal detecting so if your game
going over some pretty terrible roads and you like to rough it a bit this place is
for you. It can get pretty hot so try and pick a time when the climate is more
tolerant to your tastes. We were here at the end of October and it was around 40
degrees which isn’t the best time for gold prospecting.  

When leaving so you don't get lost keep to the main right hand track all the way
and turn left when you reach the section where the white gate is. There are many
tracks that will take you the wrong way otherwise.
There are more goldfields at Tibooburra around 43 kms further with a caravan
park as well. The road from Tibooburra to Nuccundra Hotel 261 kms long and is
unsealed and very, very bad and corrugated and I can't recommend using it. A
bit like a road to hell and back. Most of these roads are dry weather only.