Melbourne Zoo Pictorial
                                                      By John Boom

The Melbourne Zoo in Royal Park is just a short drive from the very centre of Melbourne’s central
city and has many beautiful animals and attractions to keep the whole family interested for a day.
You can even catch a tram from the city to the zoo, which stops nearby. Established in 1862 the
zoo has grown over the years establishing bioclimatic zones to suit the animal’s habitat.

The zoo has grown massively over the years since I was a child and it’s grown for the better
because most of the animals have now been placed in more suitable and natural housing and
habitats. They have better ability to roam around without compromising the view of the people
watching them. The people are an important factor because without the support of its visitors zoos
could never survive. The scenic walks through meandering paths takes you into the world of many
varied creatures not normally seen.

By attending zoos such as this you're also supporting the breeding and preservation of many
species under threat from extinction.