Free Jigsaw Puzzles
Copyright 2011 By John Boom

Free Jigsaw Puzzles for kindergarten-aged children
and for kids with disabilities.
Every puzzle is either a 4 or 6 piece.
Or a 9 to 12 piece puzzle.

Just click on any free puzzle and download it on to your computer.
Then just double click on the icon and then double click on each puzzle.
Adults and teachers may have to assist with the double clicking.  

Puzzles for older kids and adults can be purchased HERE.

Royalty Free Photos can be purchased off our Aussie Photo sales site
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These puzzles are not permitted for commercial distribution.
They are for school and private use only.
If you post them on websites then please attribute them to:
Australian Pictorials -

They are not to be sold in any form.
9 to 12 Piece Puzzles
4 To 6 Piece Puzzles