2009 - By John Boom

Dorrigo is nestled high adjoining the Dorrigo National Park. The small township has several
stores and a nice old hotel. Many of the town stores sell or have displays of many old
things from the past. The National park is popular with bush walkers and a choice of trails
can be taken.

The road to Dorrigo from Bellingen is steep and winding all the way up and care must be
taken all the way up as the road also has single lane sections as well. Dorrigo National Park
is only a short drive away and there's a cafe, bush walking, rainforest, waterfalls, and a
Dorrigo National Park is a magnificent walk through the pristine rain forest as part of the Dorrigo
Plateau. The bird life, fungi, waterfalls and massive tall timbers surrounded by palms, ferns and strangler vines is
a sight to behold. It makes you feel very small walking amongst these tall giants and the feel of dinosaurs that
could appear from these ancients forests. Alas the dinosaurs have well and truly gone but other wildlife abounds
at different times during the year. The walk time can vary but expect around 2 to 2.5 hours of walk time to do the
main circuit areas.