Coffs Harbour Pictorial
                                                 2008 - By John Boom

Coffs Harbour is situated on the New South Wales central coast nestled between surrounding
hills and beautiful coastlines. The town itself has homes built on rolling hills with the central
shopping areas on level areas. The temperatures are Australia's most moderate being
comfortable nearly all year round. The area is best known for its banana growing and has
become a tourist haven for travellers from all around Australia and overseas.

The town area has several tidal creeks and fresh water creeks meandering through the area
and has most beautiful bush walks through the semi tropical areas along the creeks to the sea.
This tourism town has many shops and shopping areas to explore as well as pristine beaches
and boating areas. Be it a bush walk along a creek or a canoe ride down a river there's plenty to
do in this area. Coffs Harbour is one of Australia's top tourist destinations. Everything in these
photos can be seen by just walking around the town.

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2009 By Johnny B

Coffs Harbour flows along the coastline
To where the bananas grow.
The biggest banana
A windmill and beaches.
From surfing the shoreline
To watching the whales.

The sunshine
The people
The palm trees may sway
A place on the coast where visitors come
To take a little of our sun.

The seasons may change
But Coffs Harbour is still mild
And cold winters are far away.
People shop and drink coffee
And relax in the town
Where their memories will always stay.