Beechworth Pictorial
                                                 2009 By John Boom

Beechworth is located in Victoria and was established as a gold mining town.
The town grew with the gold rush around 1852 and people flocked to the area to make a
new life for themselves. During the gold rush period people came from everywhere and
there was also a large population of Chinese that left a lasting impression within the area.

It’s also well known for its prison and the place where Ned Kelly and other bushrangers were
kept in that time. The town is made up of many historic shops and homes and is a very
popular tourist destination.  Even today it’s like stepping back in time when you walk through
the streets of Beechworth.

As a child I spent many a happy day looking for gemstones in the creeks around the town. It
was a favourite spot with gemstone clubs from all around Australia.

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