Ballarat Pictorial
                                                2004 to 2014 - By John Boom

Ballarat is a town full of history dating back from the gold mining era and I’ve compiled this
modern day pictorial of Ballarat in sketch and color  photography so as to display the town’s
current view of the architecture in both the modern and older type structures around the

Many of the original building uses have changed over the years and for this reason I’ve
placed the photos in broad groups rather than name each and every particular current use.
No doubt the face of these buildings will change again and this pictorial is just the current
view of photos taken in the year 2004. Revisited 2014.

The concept of this pictorial is to have in place a visual history of the time because history
constantly changes as will the view of the town.
There are around 1,200 photos in the complete collection.