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As you could image travelling Australia wide expenses, accommodation, vehicle up
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Governing Document

This photographic online record can be accessed by anyone throughout the world
not only promoting towns within Australia but also overseas. Promoting our culture,
towns and tourism worldwide. Australian Pictorials - are
made in conjunction with Lapidary World -

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               First Established In 2004

  • At Australian Pictorials we make zero personal income from the countless
    hours of work we perform and it’s a totally voluntary service back to the

  • We do however seek support from sponsors and funding groups where
    possible to at least try and recover some of our overhead expenditure.

  • We do not seek any payments for wages or for our time.

  • We will be trying to sell a selection of Australian Pictorial photos through
    our Aussie Photo website store toward recovering some of our overhead

  • We will usually ask for a free entry pass access to be provided into
    attractions so we can make a pictorial of that attraction. We do not
    charge anything for making any pictorials.

Note: At times we may revisit some attractions to update and improve on photo
quality of various pictorial photos.
To Contact:- Australian Pictorials
All contact my mail or email only please.

Postal Address:-
Australian Pictorials
Att: John Boom
PO Box 1443
Coffs Harbour
NSW, Australia 2450

I first started making the pictorials around 2004 and then later came the
website around 2006 initially as part of another site and I then went to a
dedicated website url. The idea of making Australian pictorials is to provide a
rich viewing source of Australian photos and videos, show historic buildings
and sites and provide a snapshot of Australian towns and areas for all to
see. Building uses change constantly and historic heritage buildings
disappear and also change along the way. So we try to preserve a view for
all to see.

Australian Pictorials is a rich growing resource for Australian town tourism as
well. Because now people can see what many towns have to offer in their
central areas. Many towns will benefit as people will want to travel to these
towns when in the  area so they too can see many of these Australian towns.

We also produce a series of various photo topics that cover many interests
and the Australian way of life under:
National Australian Pictorials on the
front page index. Have a look through these special topics as there are many
interesting things to see and experience.

Some of the photos supplied in the national Australian pictorials section were
kindly supplied by our Flickr members so please take the time to have a look
through their great works in photography.

My full collection of Australian Pictorial Photos can be found on my Aussie
Photo site, which is like the library of every photo I take. I can't put all photos
on this site so I had to establish an extra site to cope with the thousands of
photos I take.


Every town I film making Australian Pictorials is an adventure for me. I like to
see the history of each town and area and I try to imagine how many towns
were when they were new and how people lived then.  Town history
fascinates me and if I had time I'd like to hear stories from every town from all
the oldest residents as to how each town used to be when they were young.
Quiet often I talk with people and I get their life story as to how it was.

This is why I've only recently added a call out from those people to email
those stories into me so we can keep some sort of historical record of
recollections alive from various town areas. But getting people to do this is a
big ask these days with so many caught up in their current lives they don't
seem to want to pass on details of their past and early childhood
experiences. All this will be lost after they're gone and to me that's such a
shame not to pass something on to others. Perhaps some of your readers
can spread the word for me.

I like to search out old and interesting stuff where I can and I'm often walking
down back streets and laneways to get that special photo of something that
most people can't see any value in like a falling down old building or shed. An
old car sitting rusting away in a paddock. Every photo has a story to tell and
you can see in it what you can imagine. I suppose that may seem a little old
fashioned but that's what I look for always when filming. I try and keep a
record of what's still left to pass on to others to see for the future. Our
culture, the hopes and dreams of people gone and what they've left behind.

Australian towns are disappearing at a rapid rate now more so than ever
before. Many are no longer economically viable since the railways stop
coming through most of them and that was the final nail in the coffin for many
towns as you see them today.
As buildings fall into disrepair many no longer get restored or repaired as the
return back to the owners can never be recouped either in money or in use
so many are just left to slowly decay to the stage when no one will rescue
them from that state anymore.

I've filmed some 1,000 towns all around Australia now and its such a shame
to see it all going at such a fast rate now. Another 50 years will most likely
see more than 50% totally disappear as those residents pass on. The shops
are already closed in most of these areas and they've already had their time.
Tourism is the only thing that's holding some of the places together but most
will never be able to survive for long on what's coming there way.
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A selfie photo while filming towns around Australia.