2011 By John Boom

Bendigo like several other Australian towns was built on gold and the number of historic buildings
reflect the wealth that that the gold brought to the area.
The central city is easy to navigate and walking around you’ll see great period architecture and
interesting places to explore.

In the centre of town you’ll find beautiful gardens where you can just sit and relax or explore the
walks through the flower-beds, conservatory and even see some bat colonies if you’re lucky.

There are old gold mines to look through and many places of interest with shopping throughout the
town. Plus you can hop on an old tram and explore other areas of the town during your stay. It’s
well worth staying for a few days, as there’s plenty to see in the area. If you’d like to see or buy the
complete Bendigo photos collection of over 300 photos please go to our Aussie Photo site. From
time to time I add more photos as well.