Banner Advertising Options

If you have a business or company and would like to increase your retail, tourism
or export profile to others around the world Australian Pictorials is the largest
town database of its type in Australia. People from all around the world search
through our town data base. If you have a banner advertising your business
profile you may have the chance to increase opportunities for your returns.

Here you can choose from a series of banner sizes and prices to suit your yearly
budget. We will place your banner in the town/s of your selection and you can pay
a yearly reoccurring fee by Paypal.  

Just email us your completed banner with target link and make the required
payment and we will place your banner as close as we can to the header of each
towns page. By targeting your main specific town it can give you a chance at
making more sales. You can place text and or graphics as well as have rotating

If you want rotating banners you will need to email the script to us and then make
your payment. The price per size for rotating banners is the same.
You can also place free form logos of any shape matched to a banner overall size.

Please Note: Some towns may only have limited advertising space available and
we reserve the right to limit advertising in those towns. Just contact us and we'll
let you know space availability or what size banner options are best suited for the
space that's left.

If you wish to cancel at any time you'll need to cancel your reoccurring fee and
contact us to remove your banner. Fees are not refundable once a payment has
been made. Payment is for a 12 month period regardless if you cancel.
160 x 600
$320.00 Per Year
140 x 600
$290.00 Per Year
120 x 600
Per Year
300 x 250 - $280.00 Per Year
200 x 200  
$160.00 Per Year
Banners can be placed horizontal or vertical as you design them.
These are all good sized display banners to give you the best
visible return. The cost is for one full year. Placement is per one
town only. You'll need to repay and submit more banners for
other towns.